Jenny Cain

Choreographer. Visionary. Creative Force.

Jenny Cain, a native of West Tennessee, embarked on her journey in the world of entertainment at an early age igniting her passion for country dancing, singing, and acting–always taking every opportunity from high school dance team to talent shows.

A transformative phase in her life arrived when she joined Youth With A Mission, a global Christian missions organization. During her time there, Jenny immersed herself in creative arts choreographing dance performances all over the world. Her experiences as an aspiring artist gradually led her to the vibrant city of Nashville, TN.

Early Success

For seven remarkable years, Jenny honed her teaching expertise as an entertainer by instructing line dance at the iconic Wildhorse Saloon, an establishment renowned for its connection to Nashville’s music and dance scene. Her dynamic teaching style and unwavering dedication to technique have set her apart. Over the years she’s quietly emerged as one of the most sought-after professional choreographers in the country dance industry.

Over the course of her illustrious 18-year career, Jenny has had the privilege of providing dancers and choreography for some of the most esteemed directors and artists in the entertainment industry today. Her impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with country music icons such as Luke Bryan, Dolly Parton, Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley, Walker Hayes, and of course the legendary Alan Jackson.

Signature Choreography

Alan Jackson’s music video “Good Time”–one of her standout achievements was crafting the signature line dance featured in Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” music video. This dance creation has transcended its origins, becoming a cherished and familiar staple in country clubs across the nation.


However, the pinnacle of Jenny’s career was reached when she received the prestigious invitation to cast all the dancers and choreograph Alan Jackson’s live performance of “Good Time” at the 42nd Annual CMA Awards show filmed live in Nashville. This milestone not only showcased her exceptional choreographic talent, but also marked a significant transition in her career in her ability to cast dancers.

Her expertise extends beyond the music industry, as she has seamlessly transitioned into collaborating on major motion pictures, contributing her dance artistry to national commercials, and fulfilling critical roles as an on-set movement coach. Her ability to adapt and excel in various facets of the entertainment world underscores her versatility and dedication.

The Birth of JCP

In 2010 Jenny Cain Productions was born. Jenny foresaw a versatile company that would encompass a spectrum of dance services, each reflecting her distinctive vision. As the founder and driving force behind Jenny Cain Productions, she remains steadfast in the craft of dance and its diversity.

Jenny possesses the unique ability to seamlessly fuse innovation with tradition. Her career has been defined by drive, creativity, and the ability to capture the essence of music and movement, making her respected in the industry.

As a new chapter unfolds within her dance company, her consistent devotion to dancers reaffirms her position as a visionary in the field, perpetually driving the art of Professional Country Dance to new heights. Jenny Cain is not just a choreographer; she is a trailblazer–dance visionary and creative force.

As she continues to push the boundaries of dance and choreography, there’s no doubt that Jenny will leave her own imprint in the world of entertainment for years to come.

Company Vision

At JCP, we believe that country music makes the world a better place. Growing up in the hills of Tennessee, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative influence of this musical genre. Nashville, often referred to as Music City, boasts an unparalleled connection to country music, a legacy that spans over two centuries. Music here is not merely an art form; it’s the lifeblood that flows through the city and its people.

We extend a warm welcome to our visitors, inviting them to immerse themselves in a city where music is not a sporadic occurrence but a daily ritual. Travelers from all corners of the globe venture here to experience the harmonious tapestry that defines our culture, fuels our businesses, and shapes our social fabric.

The profound connection between music and dance transcends borders and genres, uniting people in celebration worldwide. In our beloved city, this connection finds a unique expression in country dancing. Over the years, we’ve discovered that our visitors yearn to experience this art form in its purest and most authentic state, guided by those who have mastered it.

Through iconic establishments like the Wildhorse Saloon and The Grand Ole Opry, the tradition of country dancing, whether in line or partner form, has been lovingly preserved. Teaching and performing this art for our guests is our way of sharing the rich history and profound love we have for country music.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: we aim to harness the harmonious union of music and dance to bring smiles to faces, forge lasting memories for our clients, and, most importantly, share our vibrant dance culture with the world. In each step and note, we weave a tapestry of joy, uniting hearts through the universal language of song and dance. Join us in celebrating the enchanting harmony of country music and dance, and together, we’ll create moments that resonate with the soul and echo through time.